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Zeus' Leg

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  • Material100% plant origin oil
  • Size23 * 50 * 23 mm
  • Weight5 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T

[Biobell Corp.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information


We specially produce really effective product for hangover.
effects such as  
 1. decreases much of the degree of drunken state
     *for people who can't hold their alcohol (two-pot screamer)
 2. increase drinking capacity (for people who drink less, not for heavy drinker)
 3. remove epigastric pain or stomach discomfort by alcohol shortly
 4. much decreases bad problems which occurs when drunken state
     (such as heart discomfort, headache, belly discomfort, and so on)
 5. if a person have epigastric pain after drink, no pain after using Zeus' Leg
 6. if a person have reflux esophagitis and is aggravated by alcohol, then, he
     is OK (no reflux esophagitis occurs) during alcohol drinking
 7. if a person becomes easily change to red color (face), not so reddish
 8. wake up in the next morning with good condition 

Please see below for detailed product informations.   Thank you.